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ISBN 978-0-9797702-4-1 • Book/Survival Kit • 40 pages • Full color • $19.95

ISBN 978-0-9797702-3-4 • Survival Kit • $9.95

For Bookstores: Available from Baker and Taylor and Partners West.

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ISBN 978-0-9797702-2-7 • Book • 40 pages • Full color • $9.95

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Meet The Dogs of I Sit and Stay
 I Sit and Stay in the News
In the past three years, Oakland resident Leah Waarvik and her Australian shepherd, Emma, have gone on 24 search-and-rescue missions, looking for people who've lost their way. Emma is trained to cover 140 acres in four hours and lead her owner to the missing person.  Read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle
'I Sit and Stay: A Survival Guide for Kids'
Justin Berton
Thursday, December 18, 2008
On September 11, 2001, as she watched the search and rescue dogs pawing through the rubble of the Twin Towers, Leah Waarvik made a decision.  She would dedicate herself and her new Australian Shepherd puppy Emma, to becoming Search and Rescue volunteers.  Read the full article from examiner.com
February 6, 11:59 AM
by Shelley Frost, SF Dogs Examiner
Search and rescue dog stars in a children's book
Search and rescue dog teaches children wilderness safety
February 10, 8:53 AM
by Shelley Frost, SF Dogs Examiner
Leah Waarvik, with her dog Emma laying by her side, had just finished reading out loud her book I Sit and Stay to a group of kindergartners at Jefferson Elementary  School in San Francisco.  "Are there any questions?" she asked.  Several small hands went up.  "What if you're lost in the woods and there's no bathroom?" Read the full article from
Rescue volunteer and dog become authors In_the_News_files/Rescue%20volunteer%20and%20dog%20become%20authors%20-%20Inside%20Bay%20Area.webarchive
Volunteer and canine make literature together after saving the lost in the wilderness

By Francine Brevetti - STAFF WRITER

Article Created: 06/30/2008 06:14:29 PM PDT

OAKLAND — General contractor Leah Waarvik is walking in the woods with her partner, Emma. Emma hurries on ahead in a state of high excitement, searching and searching.
Once Emma finds her target, she turns around and runs back to Waarvik with an exultant bark.
Waarvik is one of many California volunteers who have trained their dogs and had them certified for search and rescue missions. On this particular day, Waarvik and Emma are joining other volunteers in the woods behind the Chabot Space and Science Center for one of their regular training sessions.  Read the full article originally printed in the Oakland TribuneIn_the_News_files/Rescue%20volunteer%20and%20dog%20become%20authors%20-%20Inside%20Bay%20Area_3.webarchive
I don't always believe books have to be educational. I'm a firm believer in trash as escape from real life. But when a book I'm reading to my daughter is imparting the kind of knowledge that will keep her safe in this scary world, I'm not going to complain.  Read the full article that appeared in Inside Out.