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I Sit and Stay is a unique safety guide that includes a survival kit for children.  The survival kit contains the “Three Special Items” that are mentioned in the book.

Garbage Bag/Poncho

Click the bag for a close up!

Whistle On a Lanyard

Signal Mirror

Complete with a comprehensive Parents’ and Teachers’ Section.

Survival guide and Kits provide a fun but serious way to educate kids on outdoor safety.

Additional Survival Kits are available for classrooms or families with more than one child.

There’s also a tip card that kids can carry with them when they go on outdoor adventures!

Find Out How To Get a I Sit and Stay
Cap and Help Your Community at 
The Same Time!

ISBN 978-0-9797702-4-1 • Book/Survival Kit • 40 pages • Full color • $19.95

ISBN 978-0-9797702-3-4 • Survival Kit • $9.95

For Bookstores: Available from Baker and Taylor and Partners West.

For Librarians:  The book alone is available from Quality Books, Follet and Milligan News.

ISBN 978-0-9797702-2-7 • Book • 40 pages • Full color • $9.95

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